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Can we just talk about what a badass Noir Spider Man is?

"I believe on such occasions it is customary to wear a dead plant?"




"Stop being creepy and get down from there. I’m not doing anything wrong.”

…Was he suspicious of her purely because she had Maleficent-y hair? Maybe a little, but he wasn’t proud of this fact.

"Oh, uh… don’t mind me. I’m just… hanging around?" Boo…

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A few steps into the hall and so far Starfire wasn’t doing bad at all! Her ballance still needed a little work, but that would come to her with practice. Peter had to pause and wonder just where he was going to lead her. The kitchen wasn’t too far, was it? “Are you hungry?” he asked, before remembering the language barrier. “Um…” He looked at her and patted his stomach once before mimicking the action of eating something.

Starfire mulled over his actions—and words- for a moment, before making the connection. Ah, was he offering to feed her? “Hungry…” She nodded after a moment, her gaze dropping to her own stomach. She hadn’t eaten since that afternoon, so dinner couldn’t hurt. What did humans eat, anyway? Did they hunt like she did? She probably wouldn’t have been able to hunt anything in her condition at the moment, so maybe he could catch her something.

"Ah, alright." Peter nodded his head, guiding her once again. It took a minute or two—and a couple more near-stumbles—but they made it to the kitchen soon enough. Peter pulled out one of the chairs at the table and helped Starfire sit down before turning to open the fridge. "Okay, let’s see… what would a mermaid like… um…" Maybe fish? For a moment Peter worried that might be a bad idea, but then he remembered her sharp teeth. Obviously mermaids were carnivores, so why not eat fish? Sorry, Flounder…

After a minute of searching Peter found what he was searching for: fish sticks. He could just pop them into the microwave and defrost them and there you had it.

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Peter had barely been able to keep his eyes open after returning to his apartment late that night. A long day of work, two bank robberies, an invasion of alien shape-shifters and an extra-long meeting at Avengers Tower to discuss battle tactics. Poor Peter was absolutely spent, and after climbing in through the window he headed straight to his room, pulling off his mask and flopping into the bed. It wasn’t long before he felt someone slide in beside him and slip into his arms, and he smiled over at them. “Hey, Star…”

Peter nodded his head in agreement, happily returning the kiss before laying back with her again. Content, Peter relaxed against the mattress and wrapped Starfire in his arms, nuzzling his forehead against hers. “Hmm… I wonder if Cap would let me take a day off tomorrow if I told him the news? I mean when Ant-Man and Wasp got engaged we didn’t see them for a week, so it’s only fair, right?”

"I should hope so. Perhaps I may come along? I have not left our home in a few days." Not since getting her things from Harry’s, anyway… For a moment, she considered telling the heir, before deciding to wait a few more days. He’d seemed a bit upset when she’d moved out, so maybe it wasn’t the best time to tell him… But the Avengers? Why not?

"Yeah, why not?" Peter smiled again, brushing a strand of hair from Starfire’s face. "It’ll be nice to introduce you to the gang. Thor and Logan you already met when you first got back to Earth… And don’t ask me why but I think you and Hulk are gonna get along."