The Amazing... Well you know

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"I know you're there, arachnid. Spider-man, caught sneaking around? Behavior unfitting for a hero, wouldn't you say?"

"Well I’ll level with you, Ockie, I’m not really in the mood for one of your killer hugs."


Cover Art by Mark Bagley

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THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #342 (December 1990)
Cover Art by Erik Larsen


I found Starfire’s favorite section in the toy aisle

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"Black is a great color, by the way.”

"Oh, we agree."

Stop being fucking hard to draw, Venom

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Peter shrugged his shoulders. “Some people just get to an age where they think it’s not cool to do ‘kid things’ anymore. And some would if they could but the older you get, honestly, the creepier it can look if you go door to door asking for candy.”


Sad but true, really. “On the bright side though, candy is usually on discount the next day anyway. Personally, I like to stock up and have a nice stash that lasts till Christmas.”

"Perhaps this year I may spend the holiday with you, yes?" She beamed at him, leaning over to rest her cheek on his shoulder. "I believe that would be most enjoyable!" Her gaze flicked back down to the photo album, something of a smirk tugging at her face.


"Though if we are to do the dressing up, I am certain you shall not be another Earth plant."

Peter was happy to snuggle close, slipping an arm around Starfire’s waist. “I’d like that,” he replied, smiling. “A nice Halloween together.”

"You, uh… you’re never going to let me live that down, are you?"